66th Miss Universe Updates Part 1

The competition has officially started with the contestants coming to join the pageant from around the world to register for the 66th Miss Universe! Here are some overview for you.


Thailand – A very standout for the very first day of the competition. She, in person, is as beautiful as in her photos. She was chosen by CHI to do the first official Instagram live for this edition of Miss Universe. Laos is her roommate.


Philippines – Her styling for the first day wasn’t what we expected to see. I mean she has very perfect figure but the outfits covered all her beautiful curved lines. One more thing, We’re bored with turtleneck top. Get rid of them Rachel!


Sri Lanka – We’re a bit disappointed with her as she hasn’t got that charisma to be the winner, honestly. But anyway, she’s very lovely and very natural and still one of those who would make the first cut to the final round.


Venezuela – She’s not that strong. I mean Misses Venezuela haven’t been as super strong as before. And I think they need professional stylist to look after them. I mean seriously from Makeup to the wardrobe.


Colombia – Yeah! She’s beautiful but not sure if she could make it to the finals. Let’s take a look at her performance during the competition and we’ll discuss about this again.


Indonesia – Keep an eye on her wardrobe as this year ASEAN girls are bringing with them lots of beautiful clothing.


Laos – A gorgeous young girl. She reminds us of Aniporn Chalermburanawong from Thailand in the 2015 edition.

More to update soon! And please Like and Follow our Facebook fan page as our team will be going to Las Vegas to do Facebook Lives and keep you guys updated with pictures and videos starting from the National Costume competition to the finals.

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