Laura Gonzalez, How far she can go in the upcoming Miss Universe 2017?!!


Undoubtedly, Colombia has been the most successful country at Miss Universe as Paulina Vega won the crown in 2014, Ariadna was placed 1st runner up in 2015 and Andrea Tovar was a 2nd runner up in 2016. Personally, we think the secret behind their huge success is the training and the ability to adapt to the change of circumstances which we think Venezuela is far behind as they too stick with their past formula of success!

This year, Laura Gonzalez, a 22 beauty queen, will compete at the Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas. Guys! We think she’s one of the sweethearts of the competition already. Her body is perfect. Her face is super sweet like a goddess. But hey! Being crowned Miss Universe is not that easy. It takes a lot of things involved to be qualified as the winner. We love to see this girl in the top 6 or even in the final but what she needs to get to the top is being natural! Having said that, we didn’t mean she’s a plastic or a fake candidate. But take a serious look at the past 2 winners in the IMG era, it surely guarantees that apart from being beautiful from head to toe or being an unbeatable runway queen isn’t enough.

It seems like Miss Universe needs someone who is natural and down-to-earth to be the spokesperson of their organization instead of a robot-like beauty queen. Gonzalez has to up her game and show them her real self and her genuinity to the judges to make sure that the crown will be hers!!


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