Why we love Rachel Peters . . .

Pageants’ season has now begun!!! With major competitions have started their games,
img_1565the most anticipated beauty pageant, Miss Universe, is about to begin its season in a couple of weeks. Now we just want to write about one of the biggest names in pageantry, the representative of the Philippines, Rachel Peters.

Without the doubt, candidates from the Philippines have perfect performance on stage. Yes, the Stage Killer! They are well-trained. They know how to compose themselves. And one of the jokes among pageant fans is “Never let them hold the mic.” since they will slay every question with their brains! They speak good English and that’s why communication isn’t a problem for them when joining with other girls from around the world.

Now, apart from her alluring appearance, let’s talk about her qualities which she will use as a lethal weapon in the Miss Universe competition. Peters is a Filipino-British model. She has entered some of the pageants before. One of those is Miss World Philippines 2014 and was placed the 4th Princess. She finished her high school in Thailand, the British International School. And this is why she has some of the Thai fans supporting her. She also said that she loved the culture, the food and the people in Thailand. Ok, Rachel, good job!, now you’ve just expanded your fan base 🙂 Rachel also holds a bachelor’s degree from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Guys, I think we have nothing much to worry about her when she goes compete in Miss Universe.

Personally, we think she has it all to become the next Miss Universe. But it all comes down to the fact that sometimes being perfect in every aspect cannot make one a Miss Universe. All you need is ‘LUCK’. Good Luck to you Rachel. We’re rooting for you and want to see you shine on stage. Bring it on girl!

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