The New Hope for Thailand Competing for Its First Miss World Crown

Photo taken from Miss Thailand World

Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan represents Thailand at the Miss World competition in China. She is the new hope for the whole country as they have been long waiting to possess their first elusive blue crown of Miss World. We have to admit that Thailand’s just upped its game tremendously this year. In addition, they looked for a totally refined girl to represent the country with great ‘beauty with a purpose’ project.

Fortunately, her project, ‘Love for All’, touched the hearts of all judges during the Head to Head challenge yesterday and this allows Pichapa to advance to the final 30 automatically.

The reason behind this successful challenge would be that she poured her heart out about her autistic brother and her inspiration to influence and encourage those who have autism spectrum disorder. With her sincerity in doing the project, it was such an ease for her to win it all against Bulgaria.

So far, there will be quite a lot of contests for Nicolene to compete her best. We think that she will go so far. Even farther than in 1997 when Thanya Suesantisuk made her way to the final 5. Surely, Nicolene will be so close to the crown!

Thailand – The Most Enthusiastic Pageant Fans

We have known Thailand’s cheer team for more than 3-4 years. The leader of Thai cheer team, Tanakon Chindarsi, has been such a good friend to us.

Nok (his Thai nickname) is the most enthusiastic person we have known. He’s been traveling the world to cheer for Thai Miss Universe candidates for more than 6 years. He always takes with him flashy cheering instruments.

This year marks a very special for Thai cheer team as the pageant is taking place in their country. So expect the unexpected from one of the most enthusiastic fans in the globe.

Miss Australia stuns pageant fans in Bangkok.

Francesca Hung is a 24-year-old actress, model and Miss Universe Australia 2018 titleholder. Hung arrived in Thailand earlier today (29 Nov 2018) and she went straight away to Dusit Thani Hotel for registration.

She’s now one of the favorites among the fans who got to meet her at the hotel. Hung possesses some qualities that a Miss Universe should basically have, the star charisma! She’s tall. She’s got beautiful face and very talkative. More importantly, she’s really natural as every time she gives interview it always comes out effortlessly. She needs no script and she’s now one of today’s frontrunners!

Another Victory for Thai National Costume?

Photos are taken from Miss Universe Thailand fan page

Thailand had won Miss Universe best national costume for 6 times in its long history, starting from 1969, 1988, 2005, 2008, 2010 and to 2015 respectively.

Today, Miss Universe Thailand organization’s just revealed the new national outfit at the Ancient City, Samut Prakarn. The outfit was inspired by white elephants, sacred animals in Thai belief that represent power, victory and fortune.

Sophida Kanchanarin, Miss Universe Thailand 2018, strutted down from her own path with the white costume and struck a pose in front of the media then an automatic mechanism started to work its way by slowly pulling up the elephant-head-shaped piece of fabric revealing a royalty-like white elephant costume.

With that kind of wow factor delivered by the automatic mechanism, we think this would easily put Thai national costume to the spotlight and has very high potential to win it all against other countries.

But you know what! We know they don’t want to win best national costume that much. They are aiming for something bigger like standing in the final 3.

Fun fact:

In 2005, Bangkok was the host city. Thailand won national costume but wasn’t able to advance to at least the final 15 leaving Thai fans with huge disappointment.

Miss Universe 2018: First day ticket sale

People are waiting at all branches of Thaiticketmajor across Bangkok this morning hoping to be the very first to purchase Miss Universe 2018 tickets.

The first day of Miss Universe ticket sale is the same day for Korean Concert in Bangkok. Thai spectators are worried about website down due to high volume of internet traffic as two major events start selling tickets at the same time.

Accordingly, we could probably say Thai fans are one of the most enthusiastic fans ever as people are so active in hunting for their tickets to the event!

Miss Universe Thailand’s conflict of interest!!!

From what we have known so far, it is said that Miss Universe hosting contract comes with Miss Universe Thailand’s 3-consecutive-year license too.

So if anyone is able to host Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand will automatically receive the right to hold the Miss Universe Thailand license for another 3 years. And it seems like Somchai Cheevasutanon is rumored to be that lucky guy.

Will this affect the future of Thai representatives afterwards??? We have to stay tuned! Just wait and see.