Another Victory for Thai National Costume?

Photos are taken from Miss Universe Thailand fan page

Thailand had won Miss Universe best national costume for 6 times in its long history, starting from 1969, 1988, 2005, 2008, 2010 and to 2015 respectively.

Today, Miss Universe Thailand organization’s just revealed the new national outfit at the Ancient City, Samut Prakarn. The outfit was inspired by white elephants, sacred animals in Thai belief that represent power, victory and fortune.

Sophida Kanchanarin, Miss Universe Thailand 2018, strutted down from her own path with the white costume and struck a pose in front of the media then an automatic mechanism started to work its way by slowly pulling up the elephant-head-shaped piece of fabric revealing a royalty-like white elephant costume.

With that kind of wow factor delivered by the automatic mechanism, we think this would easily put Thai national costume to the spotlight and has very high potential to win it all against other countries.

But you know what! We know they don’t want to win best national costume that much. They are aiming for something bigger like standing in the final 3.

Fun fact:

In 2005, Bangkok was the host city and Thailand won national costume but wasn’t able to advance to at least the final 15 leaving Thai fans with huge disappointment.

Miss Universe 2018: First day ticket sale

People are waiting at all branches of Thaiticketmajor across Bangkok this morning hoping to be the very first to purchase Miss Universe 2018 tickets.

The first day of Miss Universe ticket sale is the same day for Korean Concert in Bangkok. Thai spectators are worried about website down due to high volume of internet traffic as two major events start selling tickets at the same time.

Accordingly, we could probably say Thai fans are one of the most enthusiastic fans ever as people are so active in hunting for their tickets to the event!

Miss Universe Thailand’s conflict of interest!!!

From what we have known so far, it is said that Miss Universe hosting contract comes with Miss Universe Thailand’s 3-consecutive-year license too.

So if anyone is able to host Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand will automatically receive the right to hold the Miss Universe Thailand license for another 3 years. And it seems like Somchai Cheevasutanon is rumored to be that lucky guy.

Will this affect the future of Thai representatives afterwards??? We have to stay tuned! Just wait and see.

Miss Universe 2018 update: The Man Behind the Scenes . . .

If you were stunned by the production of 2005-edition Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand, thirteen years ago, you should be aware of the extravagance of this year’s edition, too.

According to our source, it is quite affirmed that Somchai Cheevasutanon (Tee Matching) will take over and organize this year’s Miss Universe in Thailand.

For those who don’t know, Tee was the one responsible for organizing Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand, too. It was widely said that the 2005 edition was one of the best editions of Miss Universe in overall aspect.

This is a shoutout to all pageant fans around the world! Book your flights and accommodations as soon as possible as nothing is better than having Miss Universe competition being held in Thailand!!!

Rumor mill – License Holder Change for Miss Universe Event in Thailand!!!

The situation of Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand has gone weird as there won’t be a second official announcement just yet. (Scheduled to be on 16 Oct 2018) Official Facebook fan page and instagram of 2018-edition Miss Universe have been silent for weeks. Furthermore, TW Investment’s website has been taken down lately. Do you think the pageant will still be held in Bangkok??!!

There’s a lot of gossips saying that the organizer and license holder, TW Investment, is having a hard time asking for sponsors and funding. Thai government official also said that they didn’t get any details from the license holder of Miss Universe event since the first press conference. This also adds up curiosity among pageant fans.

According to our moles, TW Investment has been dropped out already and the new person in charge of hosting the event is the one who organized the 2005 edition in Bangkok.

To quickly sum it up, the pageant is definitely still in Thailand but will not be organized by the previous license holder and the second press conference is expected to be by the end of this month if our source is reliable!

Thailand’s national costume revelation and surprise from Sophida with her newly-refined look!

Miss Universe Thailand Organization has launched the annual national costume selection today. There were 7 designs selected to advance to this final decision and the winner is ‘Chang the Icon of Siam’ designed by Tee Phasux.

Additionally, elephants are pretty much like a symbol of Thailand. They represent power and strength over enemies. They’re sacred animals especially white elephants. Thais normally give away white elephants to their king as they have long believed that these animals reflect the power and perfection of the king.

Apart from the national costume selection, we think we have seen dramatic improvement on Sophida Kanchanarin, Miss Universe Thailand 2018. She has been well-refined as we can see from her total look today. It was smart and elegant and it helped make her become more confident.

We’re not really sure if the confidence is from her new look or from massive & intensive training but what we can really say is that she has improved quite a lot right from the start. She gave interview with high level of confidence that we haven’t seen before from her. This is a good sign of improvement from Sophida and we believe that she will do her best in tweaking her weaknesses and refining her strengths.

Advancing to the final 5 in Miss Universe competition isn’t something out of her reach. Trust me!!!

Get to know the newly-crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2018

All eyes are on her as she’s been crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2018, Ning, Sophida Kanchanarin, the holder of one of the most anticipated titles in Miss Universe competition!

It’s not easy to continue the legacy of Miss Universe Thailand as there would be a lot of pressures coming from all directions from the fans to successful achievements that her predecessors have accomplished.

But don’t you think it’s too early to underestimate her performance at this moment? Yeah, Miss Universe Thailand organization has very high reputation in preparing and transforming their girls to become charismatic queens and the results showed how successful they have been from 2015-2017 (top 10, top 6 and top 5, respectively)

Accordingly, we’re pretty sure we are going to see a surprise from Sophida as training team prepared for her comprises the best gurus from many industries that will help her along the way during transformation from looks to stage performance!

So let’s see how she’s going to shine in a couple of months right before the competition commences and rumor has it that it would be held in her own country!!!

Winning the crown in her own homeland? Who knows??!!!

More of her personal information:

Sophida Kanchanarin (Ning)

23 years old, 169 cm

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Finance from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, GPA 3.94
  • Assigned representative of a graduation speech in her high school, Las Vegas, USA
  • Received President’s Education Award with a letter from the White House signed by former president, Barack Obama
  • Currently working as a manager of TMB (Thai Military Bank), headquarters, with the age of 23.